Pampered Pets

Image We love animals. Though four spirited yet beloved cats currently make up our household, dogs have always been important in our lives. Recently my son, Michael, acquired  a hexagonal side table for a project, and during his research he came across an interesting re-imagining of this rather drab piece of furniture. He suggested we try our hand at making a pet bed. It was an intriguing idea. We’d seen plenty of those hexagonal side tables from the 1970s in thrift shops, many remaining unbought and unloved and just waiting for a makeover. Here are his inspirations: Side-Dog-Bed-pets-home-decor Rusted Treasure did these DIY End Table Dog Beds We set to work. Off came the doors and on went the Zinsser Shellac, just in case there was a chance of bleed through once we painted. Image I looked through my fabric stash and found a couple yards of green with small diamonds. I based my paint choice of Annie Sloan’s Old Ochre on the colors of the fabric. Image My new peacock stencil from Muddaritaville became the focal point on the top, but after staring at it I convinced myself it needed something more. I decided to stencil a small peacock feather at each of the angles. I was delighted with the result; it seemed to draw the focus to the peacock by providing a frame. Image Image Image Once I painted and stenciled the wood, I waxed it with Clear Wax. I cut a piece of fabric using the top as a template. Using Mod Podge, I  glued it to the inside bottom. Image I trimmed it to size with an X-Acto knife and a pair of small scissors. The sides required two pieces of fabric and more Mod Podge. Image David and I headed to Joann’s to look for upholstery tacks. We found two kinds: the individual tacks and Dritz Nailhead Decorative Trim which is a long strip of fake tacks that only required one tack every several bumps. Since this would be David’s project, he opted for the strip and later was glad he did. I mean, this is a bed for a pet. Did it really need individual tacks nailed in with painstaking precision? Image Once everything was assembled, David thought we should paint the inside ceiling, just to finish it off. A cat or dog shouldn’t have to stare up at raw wood while trying to fall asleep, right? We added a luxuriously fluffy bed (20-in. diameter) that we bought at Petco and keep far away from our cats, who are always on the lookout for new places to nap. Image This cushy baby will be on sale at Rustapalooza on March 30. Hopefully, one pet owner will be very happy. Happy First Day of Spring, Ann Marie and David

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